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Discover Clean Clear Water
Experience Great Fishing
Discover Norfork Lake

And Bring A Big Net

The bite’s on at Norfork Lake, and they’re hitting hard. For the best crappie, striper, bass, and walleye fishing, it’s clean water, clear water Norfork Lake. Both morning and evening you can expect to catch bass & BIG stripers, so now is the time to come fish the best lake in the mid-south for stripers.

And you’ll need a big net, a really big net!

Norfork Lake is an outstanding fishery, drawing enthusiasts from all over the country. Nationally famous for the striped and hybrid bass it yields, fishing Norfork Lake also offers great fishing for both large and smallmouth bass. Don’t overlook the walleye population, as this much sought after table fish has really come into its own. White bass, monster crappie and bluegill, and catfish are also plentiful.

We Never Close 

Mild winters, water that never freezes, and a 365 day open season, enable anglers to enjoy fishing throughout the year. Spring typically comes early to Norfork Lake as does the traditional spring bite.  Our warm lazy summer days offer great bass and crappie fishing early in the mornings and late in the evenings leaving your afternoons for other lake adventures.

For a real thrill, try fishing “The Night Shift”. The mosquitoes won’t bother you. There are none. And fishing in the fall couldn’t be better as you cruise the lake looking for that special hot spot while admiring some of the most beautiful fall foliage that you have ever seen.

Need Help? You’ve Got It!

Traditional fishing on Norfork Lake is something that visitors not familiar with this awesome lake might find a bit challenging.  The clear lake may be appealing to swimmers and water sport enthusiasts, but when you can see thirty feet into the water, the fish can see you too!  That’s the challenge that Norfork Lake offers. Because the lake isn’t murky, lower test line is commonly used so that the fish can’t see it.  Just picture hooking up with at 15 pound striper using 8 pound test. That’s the way we do it!

Spoons, stickbaits, and other more natural-looking lures are encouraged along with various live baits.   For the best experience, schedule a charter with one of the lake’s experienced and professional fishing guides.They are here to help you learn technique, bait and lure choices, and locating the big one you’re looking for. Don’t forget to stop in at one of the conveniently located bait shops on the lake. Those bait guys are just full of the most up to date “what’s hot and what’s not” information. And don’t forget those knowledgeable resort and marina owners. They literally live on the lake and are always willing to steer you in the right direction. The key is to be patient and to know when to fish deep but also know when the top water bite is about to be on.

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The Norfork Lake Tourism diligently works to keep your lake free of aquatic nuisances, invasive species, and other destructive forces to keep Norfork Lake pristine for generations to come.

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