Norfork Lake Beaches

A beach is probably not what comes to mind when thinking about an Ozark Mountain lake. That would be correct, EXCEPT for Norfork Lake! In fact, Norfork Lake is the only Ozark Mountain lake with white. sandy beaches and a huge helping of crystal clear blue water.
Sandy beach on Norfork Lake

The Norfork Lake Beaches are like the Caribbean of the mid-south.   Of course the beaches are the place to be in the summer, all 5 months of summer. That’s right, summer is 5 months long on Norfork Lake. But don’t think it ends there. Really, there is nothing like a crisp autumn day, a comfy lounge chair and a good book, the leaves exploding with vibrant colors, and Sand Island.

White, sandy beaches, clear deep blue water, brilliant sunsets… the Arkansas Ozark Mountains? You bet.

Sand Island, The Main Event

Family on Sandy beach Norfork LakeJordan Island, called Sand Island or Sandy Beach by those in the know, is truly a natural white sand beach located on the southeast end of Norfork Lake, and is just that, and island of sand.

Surrounding the island on 3 sides is Barren Point Beach, Jordan Beach, and White Bluff Beach. The beaches have gently sloped shorelines into the lake, giving ample space and shallow water to float in, play in, or relax by, without worry of boats or drop-offs.

Little girl on Norfork Lake beachSimilarly, Calamity beach is on the northern end of the lake, between Red Bank and the Missouri state line. (And that’s right, Norfork Lake is a multi-state lake.)

In addition, in the middle of these two areas are all of the Corps of Engineers swim beaches in the parks.

Also not to be overlooked is Robinson Point Island. While not sand intense, Robinson Point Island is still a great place to spend the day picnicking, swimming, or just boat and people watching.

Boats and swimmers on Sand Island, Norfork LakeThe really cool part is that the best way to get to a Norfork Lake beach is by boat. In fact, sometimes it’s the only way. Don’t have a boat? No worries, there are plenty to rent at the marinas and resorts!

So come feel the sand between your toes, Toddlers walking in sand at Norfork Lakeyou could almost swear it’s sugar, and get your tan on! Bring the family, bring your friends, begin your cabana, your volleyball, and a cooler,  and don’t forget your cabana and the sunscreen. You might as well bring the dog and head to a beautiful Norfork Lake sand beach, the Caribbean of the Mid – South surrounded by the natural hardwoods of the Ozark Mountains forest.

Natural sandy shoreline along Sand Island on Norfork Lake

Leave Only Footprints

Norfork Lake is known for having the “Midwest’s Finest Beaches” and we aim to keep them that way for the enjoyment of everyone. For this reason, the “Leave No Trace” rule applies. Anything you bring to the beach should also leave the beach with you. Our goal is to protect our pristine beaches and the natural wildlife by leaving no trace of personal items on the beaches. Please do your part in maintaining our beautiful beaches!

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Sandcastle at Norfork Lake

Sand beach at Norfork Lake

Girls with face painting at Norfork Lake

Two girls sitting on boat norfork Lake

Norfork Lake Tourism would like you to know:

  • Primitive camping with a Corps of Engineers permit is allowed on Sand Island.
  • Access by road is limited at some sand beaches. Check with your favorite chamber member for more information.

Boys building sandcastles at Norfork Lake



The Norfork Lake Tourism works diligently to
keep your lake free of aquatic nuisances, invasive species, and other
destructive forces to keep Norfork Lake pristine for generations to come.

At Norfork Lake, It’s Year Round Fun!

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