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5 Months of Summer

Summer Fun On Norfork Lake

Summertime at Norfork Lake is for socializing, sunning and siestas. And with essentially five months of summer, that makes Norfork Lake the most perfect vacation destination for warm-weather enthusiasts. It’s a wonderful time of year to watch the sun slip down below the horizon after the adventures of a sun-splashed day. It’s when pausing for a chat, and nature-gazing under a gazebo give way to balmy evenings and porch-light romances. Summer sounds of the Ozarks, like the song of the crickets at dusk, or the nighttime whistle of frogs by the water, will be a part of your family’s happy memories — to warm your heart forever.


Come and take advantage of Norfork Lake’s exciting summertime opportunities for swimming, fishing, boating, waterskiing, wakeboarding and scuba diving, to be punctuated by fireflies, bonfires, s’mores, and beautiful starry nights…

Summer Fun on Norfork Lake. For 5 months, it’s where the action’s at!

May – Beautiful blue sky weather. Jump start your tan, catch a striper, enjoy the beach.

June – The water temperature is approaching 80. Take some scuba lessons. These are “Sipping Ice Tea on the Dock” days.

July – Make your own fireworks on Norfork Lake or watch ours. Sunny and warm, the water temperature is close to 90, this is watermelon and making new friends weather.

August – Do a “hang out of hide out” in a secluded cove. Just bob in the lake or lay around and smell the fresh cut grass toasting in the sun.

September – Warm days, cool evenings, and wine & cheese nights. 80 degree water make September the perfect time for that getaway with your special someone. Have the beaches and coves to yourself.

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year
from your friends and pals at Norfork Lake. See you in 2019