Water Sports

Great Visibility
Uncrowded Coves
Clear, Clean, Calm Water

Boy paddleboarding on Norfork Lake
Kayak, Canoe & Paddleboard
Kids jump into water from cliffs on Norfork Lake
Cliff & Bluff Jumping

Why pick Norfork Lake?

Simple, Norfork Lake is probably the cleanest lake you’ll ever experience.Take a look at its deep blue color. Jump in, you can see your feet.

Water skiing on Norfork Lake

Fed only by Ozark Mountain streams, creeks, and a few small rivers, none that flow near densely populated areas, Norfork Lake is pollution free.

Just imagine… warm water, flat as glass, and spectacular scenery. How about large bays to ski in and out of and small coves to just hang out in. Sand and gravel islands to ski around or to establish your “ base camp” on.

Norfork Lake
Exactly What You’re Looking For!

  • Explore 30,000 surface acres of clear water by pontoon, jet ski, canoe or kayak.
  • Ski, wake surf, tube, & wakeboard Norfork Lake’s 42 mile length.
  • Girl scuba diving in Norfork LakeScuba dive in up to 60 foot visibility depending on the season.
  • Picnic, play, or bake in the sun on white sand beaches. Only on Norfork Lake.
  • Climb the rocks. Scale bluffs. Jump or rappel into the water.
  • Swim, dive, float, bob in one of the cleanest lakes in the nation.
  • Snorkel in the warm water of Norfork Lake.

Water Sports with a Rope

Are you tired of those lakes that you get dragged around and around and around? Boring, right? You need a lake that won’t make you ski in circles.
girls on yellow tube on lake

♥ A lake with great scenery.
♥ A lake where you won’t see another boat every 45 seconds.
♥ A lake where you won’t have to ski around other boats, skiers or swimmers.
♥ A lake with plenty of room to maneuver.

para sail over lake

You can ski, tube, parasail, or wake board for an 80 mile, end to end, round trip run, and see the same thing only twice, and that’s only if you’re really paying close attention. So when you’re looking to make that long run, this is the lake to do it on. Norfork Lake, built for a boat with a rope.

water ski on lake

Everything you need for a great day on Norfork Lake

Man back flips off boat into water

♦ 24 launch ramps at key locations provide convenient access to all areas of the lake.

♦ 10 marinas offer rental boats, boat stalls, fuel, supplies, snacks, and repairs, plus tubes, skis and more.

♦ Many resorts feature accommodations for both you and your boat at their own private docks.

Scuba shops catering to all your diving needs.

♦ Bluffs and Cliffs of various heights from easy to thrilling. 

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Scuba Diving

Skiing Wake Boarding Tubing

The Beaches

Spear Fishing

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Where To Stay

Norfork Lake Map

Canoeing the calm waters on Norfork Lake

Snorkeling the clear water of Norfork Lake

Families on sandy beach at Norfork Lake


The Norfork Lake Tourism works diligently to
keep your lake free of aquatic nuisances, invasive species, and other
destructive forces to keep Norfork Lake pristine for generations to come.

Scuba diver underwater Norfork Lake

Year Round Fun!

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